My name is Melbourne and I am not Australian!

I am an award-winning British/Canadian photographer living and working in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Since 2007 I have helped over 1,000 hobby and beginner photographers substantially improve their photography skills with workshops and seminars, photo tours (18 countries so far) morning photo walks and private One-on-One sessions.

I was one of the first professional photographers to offer “true” photography tours specifically geared towards photographers….not packaged tours for tourists!

Our photo tours are expertly crafted with a deep understanding of each destination to allow you to produce inspiring and extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime photographs.

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On the photo tours we take you to picturesque and enchanting (sometimes remote) destinations and urge you to pursue creative photography and advance your photography skills. Questions are always welcomed. We want to exceed your expectations with special experiences and cultural immersion in extraordinary, diverse and breathtaking destinations such as Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Myanmar, Vietnam, Georgia, Armenia and Ethiopia to mention just a few.

With my wealth of experience as a professional photographer I guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy your travels with us and advance your photography skills. Your current photography skill level is not important.

In Jakarta, we conduct photography workshops, morning photo walks and private one-on-one sessions.

Together with my wife Maria, we hope you enjoy your time visiting the website and find what you are looking for.

Please read some of the testimonials from our photo friends who have traveled with us or have attended our seminars and workshops.

If you have any questions we will be happy to answer them:

Looking forward to hearing from you…..


Helping others create fine photography

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