Angkor Wat and Surroundings Photo Tour (Cambodia)

Saturday November 23rd – Friday November 29th 2019

Saturday October 31st - Friday November 6th 2020


Have you ever thought about spending some time creating memorable photographs at one of the world’s most magnificent temple sites - Angkor Wat in Cambodia?

We have designed a 7 day photo tour that will allow you to become immersed in the fascinating culture and capture remarkable images of the magnificent temples and the charming surrounding region.

No matter what you have read or photographs you have seen, you will not be fully prepared for your first walk along the causeway of Angkor Wat. Of course there are always tourists at this World Heritage Site, no wonder really, since it is absolutely stunning and breathtaking.

Our detailed surveys of the temples and ever-changing lighting conditions have allowed us to create a flexible itinerary that will have us avoiding the main droves of tourists on package tours, and will have us placed at chosen temple sites at times most appropriate for photography.

Tours for tourists are set up to be convenient for tour companies. We have turned their agendas upside down and schedule our visits for crowd avoidance and best lighting possibilities. Bring your alarm clocks!

During our tour you will visit most of the major temple complexes and we will visit some sites only few tourists get the opportunity to see.

To give us all a break from being “templed-out” we spend a day exploring a floating village and flooded forest on Tonle Sap Lake. These are a delight for photographers, with houses on stilts and people going about their daily activities. You will paddle around an “other-world” tranquil flooded forest where the water level is near the topmost branches of the trees.

Our small group travels in mini-buses that are air conditioned. Our boating excurisons are in a privately hired boat, just for our group. We will have the opportunity to rent tuk-tuks (motor driven carriages), eat Khmer food, bargain at the local market and quench our thirst at the inviting bars and eateries on Pub Street in Siem Reap. Our comfortable hotel is strategically situated just a few minutes’ walk from the hub of the action of restaurants and night life. You won’t be partying much because as photographers most days we have to be out of bed early in the morning to make the most of the beautiful light.

We will take a break from the hot sun during late mornings to early/mid-afternoons to relax a while before venturing out again for more photo-ops until we lose the light. One evening we will attend a colorful traditional Apsara Dance performance. Our small group size ensures that everyone receives “one-on-one” guidance and coaching from Melbourne. No matter what your level of experience, we guarantee your photography skills will be fast-tracked during the tour.

Melbourne will demonstrate valuable techniques and help you “see the light” and enhance composition. The Cambodian locals are very friendly and we will have a myriad of fine European and local cuisines to choose from for lunches and dinners. You arrive in Siem Reap on Day 1 and depart on Day 7.

Examples of photography here:

Full details are available upon request.

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Angkor Wat and Surroundings Photo Tour

Angkor Wat and Surroundings

Angkor Wat and Surroundings

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