Bhutan - Kingdom of Happiness

12 Day Photo Tour

Saturday October 17th - Thursday October 29th, 2020

This will be our second photo tour in Bhutan.

Isolated from its neighbors for centuries, Bhutan’s devout Buddhist culture and sacred mountains, temples and culture make for a truly memorable journey and photo tour.

We drive through valley after valley, visiting small towns, exploring many of the temples and monasteries along the way. We have two days to experience a temple festival with spellbinding mask dances and rituals performed by monks in the courtyard of the Jakar Dzong. These dances were traditionally performed to subdue dangerous evil spirits. You will see and hear the monks blowing a pair of long horns from the roof of the Dzong which will send a very pleasant shiver down your spine. Trumpets, cymbals, drums provide a cacophonous droning background and people in their finest clothes and precious jewelry are to be seen everywhere.

Our 12 days tour takes us from east to west and back east again. We will have the opportunity of hiking the  trail up to the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery.

We have scheduled an optional additional photo tour to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, immediately following the Bhutan photo tour.

Angkor Wat and Surroundings Photo Tour Saturday October 31st - Friday November 6th, 2020

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Bhutan Kingdom of Happiness Photo Tour



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