PACU JAWI (Racing Cows) 2 Day Photo Tour (Sumatra)

Friday November 15th - Saturday November 16th 2019

Pacu Jawi, or Cow Race is a cultural event held in Tanah Datar area in West Sumatra province, Indonesia.

Pacu Jawi is held at a muddy rice field and is usually carried out according to the harvest season. The jockey rides a pair of cows while holding on only to the cow's tail. In order to force the cows to run faster, they sometimes bite on the cow's tail! The two cows are loosely tied together making it that much harder to maintain a long consistent run. This creates some fun and hilarious moments, for instance, two cows can run in different directions almost splitting the jockey in half. The jockey falls flat on his face in the muddy water and the crowd responds with thunderous applause and cheers.

Sample images here:

Pacu Jawi has existed for many generations and was originally an activity carried out by farmers after harvest to spend leisure time as well as a means of entertainment for the local community. You may have noticed that many photo competition winners are those featuring the racing cows of Pacu Jawi.

For this quickie photo tour, we leave Jakarta on Friday afternoon and stay overnight in Padang, Sumatra.

Saturday is packed with photography, the main event being the Pacu Jawi racing cows event in a flooded rice field.

Melbourne will advise upon what to wear and what cameras/lenses to bring upon registration.

Prepare to win a photo competition!

For full details contact:

Pacu Jawi (Racing Cows) Sumatra

Pacu Jawi, Sumatra, Indonesia

Pacu Jawi, Sumatra, Indonesia

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