Learn more about photography and improve your technical and compositional skills during one-on-one sessions with me. Draw from my decades of award-winning photography experience and fast track your photography.

1. My photos never turn out right – so what’s the point?

2. Too much technical stuff to learn….

3. Takes too much time and effort….

Do any of the above statements seem familiar to you? If so, register for a one-on-one session with me, timed to suit your schedule.

During the two hour session you can ask any questions you want. I will walk you through the important and necessary camera settings. If you like we can review some of your existing images and discuss ways to improve in the future.

It’s all very casual and relaxed. No need to feel shy or embarrassed. I will teach you how to set your camera to shoot:

Street Photography

Sports/Moving Subjects



Sunrise/Sunset Scenes

Streaked Car Light Trails

I will be showing you how to set up your cameras without befuddling technical discussions. There is so much technology built into modern digital cameras, and you simply don’t need all of it to make great photographs. Learn to use the important stuff first.

All you need to bring is a notebook and pen, your camera and fully charged battery, memory card and any accessories you have, together with the instruction manual (if you can find it!).

Learning photography in a one-on-one interactive environment where you can ask questions is much better than reading photo books.

Contact us for full details and to reserve your one-on-one session.


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During the past 15 years I have trained over 1,200 enthusiastic hobby photographers to improve their skills. Some have won competitions, several have published books and a few have become full-time photographers. I hope I will get the chance to help you improve your photography skills.

Looking forward to meeting you,


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