Tana Toraja 5 Day Photo Tour (Sulawesi)

Tana Toraja is quite simply unique.

A cultural island, hemmed in by mountains on all sides, the Torajan prove there is life after death with their elaborate ceremonies. Take the beauty of Bali, the houses of the Bataks in Sumatra and the megalithic cultures of Sumba and you’re still not even close.

Cave graves, hanging graves, tau tau (life-sized wooden effigies of the dead) and buffalo carnage every summer; it’s macabre but mesmerizing. This is a world unto itself. Tana Toraja is vast, pretty and mostly unspoiled area of trad¬itional villages, unique architecture and fascinating cultures.

On our five day photo tour we will be immersing ourselves in the culture and rituals of Tana Toraja. We will visit a funeral ceremony, view traditional Tongkonan houses, cliff graves and effigies and photograph sweeping bright green rice terraces.

On Day 1 we fly from Jakarta to Makassar and then drive to Rantapeo where we will be based.

Days 2 – 4 we will be occupied with our photography and on Day 5 we make our way back to Jakarta. We have conducted this photo tour many times during the past 10 years and participants are always very happy that they visited this unique region in Indonesia, unlike any other.

Sample images here:


For full details contact: melbourne@melbournethephotographer.com

Tana Toraja Photo Tour, Sulawesi

Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia

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